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2012 Fisker Atlantic as the Luxurious Electric Sedan

2012 Fisker Atlantic has just been introduced at New York Auto Show. This car comes with the new concept called Atlantic and categorized as the luxurious electric car which is the extension range of Fisker in automotive. Come with four-door car, this vehicle is also known as the sporting sedan since the sporty look is greatly combined with the luxurious look of sedan. This high end car has what it is called as practicality and simplicity in daily life.

2012 Fisker Atlantic’s Concept

As the electric and hybrid car, 2012 Fisker Atlantic uses the Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer) concept. This concept offers you the benefits of electric car while removing what it is called as range anxiety in electric power train. This car also uses plug in hybrid technology which enables you to switch automatically or manually between driving modes of electric and gasoline. For the batteries, it uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

2012 Fisker Atlantic

2012 Fisker Atlantic Roof

2012 Fisker Atlantic Side

2012 Fisker Atlantic Rear

2012 Fisker Atlantic’s Features

The engine of this car is connected to the wheel, and it uses 4-cylinder kind of engine. As you can see, the roof of glass uses the “spider” design which gives the strong construction for this coupe-like sedan. The high-tech safety also makes this car managed to pass the crash test worldwide. Spacious interior can be the consideration too for you to buy 2012 Fisker Atlantic.

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