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2012 Scion IQ Improved Design

2012 Scion IQ is trying to make the new path in the U.S. market with the new debut and the first appearance to amaze the whole world. Other countries have had micro-cars for years; Toyota is just the latest manufacturer to bring them to the States. The question is whether the U.S. will accept them.

The new engine configuration proposes a different kind of performance that attached into a small car. The new engine came up with the 1.3-liter and achieved 94 hp for the new 2012 Scion IQ. There are some new changes for the Scion iQ technical supports as one of the powerful vehicle with electrical fuel.

The new focus of 2012 Scion IQ market is to presented the fully electric car to compete the new lineup from Mitsubishi I MiEv that has the same dimension and shared the same engine capacity. Although it came with the less power, it has more torque that presented the debut in 2011. You can also read 2012 Lamborghini LP760-2 in this site.

2012 Scion IQ Dashboard 2012 Scion IQ Front Griil 2012 Scion IQ Front View 2012 Scion IQ navigation 2012 Scion IQ Open 2012 Scion IQ Engine 2012 Scion IQ Passenger Side 2012 Scion IQ Radio 2012 Scion IQ Rear badge

More Images if 2012 Scion IQ :

The demanded style for the 2012 model-year is the electric vehicles with the hybrid engine and built only for two people inside it like the new IQ. The new features are mostly alike if compared to the iMiEV and with the Fiat 500. The new style is with the stronger acceleration of 60 mph only in 10.8 seconds with the new 2012 Scion IQ.

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