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2013 Hybrid Cars Luxurious BMW 7

2013 hybrid cars are now also available for the extra luxurious car with fabulous speed just like a supercar. One of best car manufactures that design for luxurious hybrid is BMW. This year, BMW declares that they will publish the new BMW 7 in specs of luxurious high speed hybrid car. This car will have best performance both in the design and also engine performance.

2013 hybrid cars BMW 7 Types

There will be two types of 2013 hybrid cars BMW 7 that will be published this year. They are BMW 750 i Sedan and 750 Li Sedan. Both of them will use same engine for 4.4L engine with the power of 455hp with MPG of 17 cities for 24 highways. What makes they different are only the size of the sedan, options, accessories, a bit bumper design, and also some additional entertainment features inside the car. The price for 750 i Sedan is estimated around $97,000 while for the 750 Li Sedan is for $101,000.

2013 Hybrid Cars

2013 Hybrid Cars Engine

2013 Hybrid Cars Interior

2013 Hybrid Cars BMW 7 Specifications

For the new 2013 hybrid cars, BMW decides not to use V8 machine anymore as it is not effective to safe much gasoline. So, this year BMW hybrid will use full hybrid system (without any gasoline tank) in six cylinder engine. The debut for new BMW 7 will be held in Beijing. It is reported that the middle of 2012 or around July will be the launching moth for BMW 7 2013 Hybrid Cars.

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