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2013 Lexus Gs New Designs

2013 Lexus Gs is the new GS that planned to be standout model for Lexus in US and other countries. The first launch is on October 2011 that becomes the first luxury sedan that produced up to 3346 units for wide world market. The competitor came from German with the main brand Audi A6.

The other competitor is the BMW 5 Series with the ability that match to the new trend. The only way to compete is to create a new design with new styling.  The new 2013 Lexus Gs brings the L-Finesse design that added the new grille with the LED light and the njew Series-esque rear end.

The other element beside the grille is to give it a little touch of Predator to make it stronger.  The material used to build 2013 Lexus Gs is the mix of aluminum and the ultra-high-strength steel that keep it light to give it a great body. You can also read Honda CRV 2014 in this site.

2013 Lexus Gs

2013 Lexus Gs F

2013 Lexus Gs 350 F Sport

The other measurements are the curb weights that measured to decreases from the original idea. The new design came with the clean shape and the new longitudinal ribs make it a great car that has 0.27 to 0.26 inch wider than the first design. The other element added is the accents of wood and leather to support its interior design of the new 2013 Lexus Gs.

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