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2013 Nisan GTR Japanese Top Speed Supercar

2013 Nisan GTR is now available as of top recommended supercar that most waited not only in Asia but also in America. Different with US and Europe sport car, in 2013 Nissan GTR likes to perform more the design of Japanese style sport car with bigger front side and big front bumper cars.

2013 Nisan GTR Specifications

As super speed car with sporty touring car looks, this 2013 Nisan GTR is built with a lot of improvement includes lighter wheels, more aerodynamics body design, and better suspension for more power. With new turbo machine 3.8 liter V6 engine, this car enables you to get 480hp up to 545php for supper speed driving. For the transmission, it uses six auto transmissions shift man. Plus, it is made in all wheels driving to get fastest speed. In sport sedan design, this supercar provides four passenger seats.

2013 Nissan GTR

2013 Nissan GTR Interior

2013 Nissan GTR  Seats

2013 Nissan GTR Side

2013 Nisan GTR Super Expensive and Prestige

There is no doubt that this 2013 Nisan GTR is really stunning both on the physical design, features, entertainment, and also engine. This is the car like you almost see in video games, thus ride it will bring you more prestige. For the price, you have to prepare $96,850 until $106,320 on your budget to buy new 2013 Nisan GTR.

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