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2013 Opel Adam Offers Great Features and Colorful Interior

If you like unique cars, you may have to take a look at 2013 Opel Adam. It’s a small car and it is built by Opel. Due to release in 2013, this small car will come in a very unique design that involves a lot of smooth lines. The car will be available in many exterior colors but what can become stunning about this small car is probably its interior.

The interior of 2013 Opel Adam is very colorful. It has a lot of popping colors in many parts of the interior. The popping colors can be found in, for example, on the wheel, on both sides of the interior, and in some other areas. Aside from the colorful interior, however, great performance will also be offered as well.

The great performance that 2013 Opel Adam is going to offer will involve 1.2 L engine that can provide 70 hp. The engine will come in pair with a five-speed transmission. The transmission will be manual and an ecoFLEX technology will also be installed alongside a stop/start function. You can also read 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee in this site.

2013 Opel Adam

2013 Opel Adam Yelow Price

2013 Opel Adam Yelow Interior

In addition to the machine, some additional features will also be available in this small car. The features can include an infotainment system, an advanced type of park assist feature, a feature that gives alert for side blind spots, and some other features. We must consider buying 2013 Opel Adam as the car is released next year.

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