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2014 Ferrari F12 Spider as the Amazingly Fast Ferrari

In the discussion of the future car that may hold the title of the fastest Ferrari, 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider can be one of the cars that may hold the title. Built as the continuity of the previous model that has been considered as the most powerful Ferrari, the F12 Berlinetta, this car will surely rule the roads with its high speed.

Talking about design, 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider itself is planned to come in an elegant yellow with a greatly elegant design. The car itself will be designed in a convertible style in which the top is removed giving drivers direct access to the free air.

Design apart, given that it is a newer version means that 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider will surely come with greater engine that can allow it to run faster than the previous model, probably with more than 730 horse powers. In relation to the engine, V12 or higher class type of engine may be installed to the car. You can also read Volkswagen Scirocco in this site.

2014 Ferrari F12 Spider

2014 Ferrari F12 Spider Review

2014 Ferrari F12 Spider for Sale

As for price, the car is estimated to be available for prices ranging from $30000 to $40000. This is just natural since this car is the type that offers a great deal of excellence to drivers. We surely aren’t to miss 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider once it is released.

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