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2014 Ford Edge Improved Performance

2014 Ford Edge is the latest design that begins from the prototype of the Forester with more elements in exterior design and heavier dimension. As a new camouflage of a SUV it can be a great car for the U.S. market. The competition of the new Edge is with the Honda CR-V as an off road car with better power.

The features of the new crossover driving are a good marketing campaign for the winter market. There are not many updated design and exterior for the new 2014 Ford Edge that make it a new bestselling car for Ford. The improvement from Subaru is also a good sign of competition of the new elements for the new market segments.

The expansion of the new Forester is the good market for SUV that finally adapted by the Ford selling. The good measurement in width and length will be a good thing to attract more buyers with the features of 2014 Ford Edge. The Subaru cars will also a good competitor for SUV and high rooftop cars. You can also read 2014 Acura NSX in this site.

2014 Ford Edge

2014 Ford Edge Review

2014 Ford Edge Price

The new features are creating new advantages for the new elements including the fully framed windows with the new sporty style. The other new improvements for 2014 model are the good measurements of the cargo space. The other element that added to the A-pillar are also creating the new look of 2014 Ford Edge.

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