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2014 Jeep Cherokee: Contemporary Design For Off Roader

The latest 2014 Jeep Cherokee is the next generation of Cherokee the famous line up from Jeep. In this new model you probably see a lot of changes from the previous model. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee changes the outlook and also the interior to makes it more unique and meet the luxury standard that Jeep deliver. The shape of this car is very distinct from the previous type which have more stright line with more strong and masculine design. That was the characteristics that jeep always deliver for their customer. This is the main characteristic that distinct jeep from other brand. The adventure atmosphere from this car can be seen from the shape and also ground clearance that could handle many terrain from city road until offroad in junggle.

2014 Jeep Cherokee: Exterior Innovation

You probably would surprize with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Because at some point this jeep lose the characteristic that Jeep always bring. But it probably the new innovation that Jeep want to share to meet modern demand. The shape of this car is more contemporary. What it mean by contemporary are from the design of headlight that seperate into two peaces. The grill and lower air intake designed with more modern shape with a little bit of chrome accent to give more luxury.

A New Characteristic Of 2014 Jeep Cherokee

The big difference from the previos model that this 2014 Jeep Cherokee have more rounded shape. They probably want to make this car more aerodynamic but many people think it kind of lose the sense of Jeep that people search. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee release date still no confirm since the first appearance will be shown in the next New York Auto Show.

Cool 2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee Design

2014 Jeep Cherokee Ideas

2014 Jeep Cherokee

This Cherokee still designed to handle offroad terrain. The high ground clearance and also the power of V6 engine will be able to handle rought road. The luxury of this 2014 Jeep Cherokee model can be seen from the interior that equipped with high tech system.

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