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2014 Volkswagen GTI as a Fascinating Sporty Car

When talking about a sporty car, 2014 Volkswagen GTI will surely be one. The car is built by Volkswagen, a car producer that has been one of the leading car companies in the world. The car itself will come with great specifications that will without doubt prove functional for any kinds of driver’s need.

The first to be included into the specifications of 2014 Volkswagen GTI will be its power supplier. The power of this car will probably be supplied by the EA888 which is actually developed by Audi. The power itself will possibly range from 220 to 230 horse powers making the car quite strong in term of power.

In addition to coming with great power, 2014 Volkswagen GTI will also come with six speeds transmission. The transmission itself will probably come in both manual and automatic type in which the automatic comes in a dual-clutch type of transmission. You can also read 2014 Ford Edge in this site.

2014 Volkswagen GTI

2014 Volkswagen GTI Test Drive

2014 Volkswagen GTI Release Date

The car itself will be put on sale in 2014 and it will possibly be available for $24,765 upon its release in two years from now. It is possible that the car will come in versions as well, perhaps. In any way, those who’re into Volkswagen products may like to buy 2014 Volkswagen GTI as it is released.

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