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Pagani Zonda F is firstly introduced to the public in Geneva Auto Show 2005. This car is really sophisticated and has many great features. This car is produced by Pagani Automobili and they tried to compete with the other automotive industries to provide the fastest car to people around the world. Even now this car is not owned the title of the fastest car in the world, but still this […]

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2012 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Concept is one of the new spot lights for the newly developed concept from Polo to be the next generation of the compact city car. The variant of R WRC is aimed to be the next market leader from Volkswagen brand and the new tagline for the Motorsport that starts from the prototype. The first official release date for the new 2012 Volkswagen Polo R […]

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Chevrolet attempts to enliven first Hot Wheels cast in 2012 Chevrolet Camaro 67 Hot Wheels Concept. This Camaro is one of the iconic Hot Wheel’s toy cars. It has been more than forty years since it was well-known as a toy car.  You can bear in mind what your memories about this Camaro. Since Camaro is brought from the toy concept, it is not a joke to have this car […]

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2013 hybrid cars are now also available for the extra luxurious car with fabulous speed just like a supercar. One of best car manufactures that design for luxurious hybrid is BMW. This year, BMW declares that they will publish the new BMW 7 in specs of luxurious high speed hybrid car. This car will have best performance both in the design and also engine performance. 2013 hybrid cars BMW 7 […]

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Talking about the range of Scion cars, Scion FRS is essentially one of the models people want to drive in the most. The car uses 2.0 L boxer engine to run. The engine can produce 200 horse powers at 700 rpm and 152 lb-ft torque at 6600 rpm which offer a quite great power to drivers. The boxer engine itself comes with 6 speeds transmission. However, the 6 speeds transmission […]

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When in search for a great Jaguar car, 2012 Jaguar XK might provide one of the best alternatives available in the market. The car, just like any other kinds of Jaguar car, offers a highly stylish and elegant design. The body of the car itself is made from aluminum, thus, making this car quite light compared to other cars. As for the machinery, 2012 Jaguar XK employs a V-8 machine […]

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Land rover range rover evoque is a kind of vehicle you would like to have whenever you feel like going off-road. Completed with traction control light, this car will help you overcoming even the wildest area in the mountain. There is a slight difference of this model from the predecessors; you can see that only its front wheel connected to the engine. It makes this car lighter, more economic, and […]

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Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI is the powerful hatchback due to the Superchips’ remap program. The program from Superchips makes this car has a few more horsepower in an affordable price. The program uses the last model in 2010. However, it offers 27 extra horsepower in this hatchback. Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI ’s Engine For the engine, superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI uses 1.4 liter direct injection with supercharged engine that delivers […]

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2012 Twingo RenaultSport 133 is the kind of car that is eagerly waited in the UK. The rumors said that it would be released in April 23th, while the others stated that it would be on the market in April 2nd. This car will come with the new interior and exterior and some new standard features. The features include 16″ wheel, cruise control, Bluetooth, ESC plus on/off switch, exhaust chrome […]

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2013 Mustang project car is the result of Ford Racing Performance Parts that makes the products of Ford faster than the other products in the market. This group has managed to handle the Ford cars like Ford Focus ST-R, and now, its latest project named mustang cobra jet. This car’s project was established in last December for PRI show, and now only a part of build sheet that are published. […]

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Here it come the new beast 2014 Audi RS Q3. This is the most powerful version of Audi Q3 version. The RS would refer to the racing sport. This symbols stands for the most high performance model of every Audi model that been produced. They will use this SUV model as their base for this incredible RS. The previous 2.5 liter turbo charger already makes this car look incredible then […]

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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is about the new generation for the mid- sized sedan car which coming with the new futuristic design. Actually, this is about the new redesign car which you always have to know deeply especially if you are the true Ford lover who really feels curious about the latest product from the Ford car. The New Image of 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid So, when you do really […]

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