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Those seeking for excellence might just stop upon finding Dodge Dart SRT. It’s a great car that will mark Dodge’s excellence as one of the world’s best car producers today. The car itself will possibly come with various new concepts since we always know that newer products always bring newer things with them. In this case, Dodge Dart SRT will probably uses AWD drivetrain instead of the FWD one. This […]

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2013 Fiat Panda Trekking is able to be used for daily driving. When you intend to kick your stress by travelling in a remote area with challenging roads, this car is also supportive. It is because the car is designed as an off-roader.  If you want a car for city driving and for traveling by means of worse road grip, this car will be here and ready to be controlled. […]

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The X BOW GT is a culmination of modifications to the high-tech X-BOW R to produce a sophisticated dynamic four-wheeled sports car that is efficient drive. With this car, you do not require a helmet to comfortably drive above certain speeds. This has been made possible with the provision of a thick frameless wraparound windscreen complete a wash wipe system. There is an optional removable soft top stored in the […]

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Among the many concepts of the more efficient and modern car which have been released lately, the 2012 Suzuki S-Cross Concept may certainly be a great one to use. The design of the car which is actually simple but unique here may go along with the performance as well as the flexibility you perhaps demand from a car. Despite of this, in this very moment we will give you all […]

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A Volkswagen unit that we may have to consider buying and driving today is probably 2012 Volkswagen Up. Coming as a subcompact model, this unit is really incredible since it wins a prestigious award that not any car can achieve in all of their lifespan. The award is very prestigious that the unit is called the year’s world car which means that it is an international-class award. This great achievement […]

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2013 Mini Countryman  just released a new sporting figure, its signature black paint job complete with contrasting red stripes, mirrors and roof as cool boot car to drive. The car has four active wheels-drives with great standard of six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Car’s speed is 62 miles per hour in 7 seconds. New sport suspension of Macpherson with specific model of central rear arm upgraded on this version. Specific […]

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The debut of 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD is started in the glam of Geneva Motor Show. This car bring the diesel technology to conquer other competitors in premium hatchback class. If you see the look of this beautiful car you probably can see the different between it competitor. The elegant shape with powerful engine underneath will bring you some respect in the street. The man shape of this car has […]

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Range Rover Evoque 2012 has a lot of style, advanced driving manners and the well-established Land Rover off-road capacities to make it a very tempting compact luxury SUV. Typically, Land Rover introduces a new innovative sport-utility car to the world among the setting of the Scottish Highlands or possibly the Okavango Delta. This Range Rover, on the other hand, made its super urban first appearance preening alongside Posh Spice. The […]

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2013 Ford Transit Custom is the new Fords that officially announced for the first appearance and about to launch the debut in Europe. The new market for 2013 sales is based on the new report from Europe selling. The new design was based on the new Tourneo type for the Custom Concept with the drastically exterior changes. The new variant demanding the bold design for Crossover with the new specification […]

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Those in search for a good Dodge compact sedan may like to have 2013 Dodge Dart. The car is planned to be released in 2013 and it will be one of the cars to offer a turbocharged engine. The turbocharged engine itself comes in a 1.4 L version which uses the valve timing technology of Fiat’s MultiAir. Aside from the engine, 2013 Dodge Dart will offer various reliable features as […]

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2013 Porsche 911 Coupe is one of the prototypes that finally built to be the first model of the 911 variants. This year is the right time for the big marketing since it is a 60 years celebrating the Porsche Clubs around the world. The launch of the special edition Porsche is including the new 911 Club Coupe that planned to be the world’s top sports car. The new 911 […]

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Every designer’s dream is to carve a mark for themselves in the global space by realizing a dream that would blow the world off its feet. It is also beyond obvious that every drivers dream is to experience such a creation at a time when art and technology are unparalleled. The Morgan Aero 8 is not just a car, but an animal built for people who love to surprise. Imagine […]

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