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6 Most Amazing Facts About 2010 Mercury Milan

Mercury Milan was developed in 2010 as well as the Milan hybrid is both developed in a highly stylish way. They are also very comfortable Sedans that possess great handling, interiors that are highly stylish and an excellent economy of fuel.

Attractive Features Of 2010 Mercury Milan

Besides the Mercury Sedan having a distinctive style, it also has a good and remarkable handling and an interior that is well built and of good quality. As such, the major features that will get you attracted to this Sedan include the following:

2010 Mercury Milan

New and Fresh Style

It is extremely restyled and refreshed in an extensive way with the inclusion of power trains that are new. It has a remarkable good size as it falls within the mid size that is best known among the other Mercury Sedans. It has a mechanical identity with most Fusion Hybrid models that include the Ford Fusion. However, it is better in the sense that its interior is very clean and contains a more stylish set. This is a step up from the other models which makes it set apart from the rest in a distant manner. With its starting price at $21,860 it falls within a line where it can comfortably compete with other Sedans of mid size within the market. These include Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Malibu.

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid Rear

Numerous versions and options

There are a wide variety of these options from which you can choose. For the 2010 Mercury Milan, you can either find a front-all or an all wheel, four cylinders of a six cylinder engine, transmissions that are either manual or automatic, and although these features are not all combined, you can also find a model that is hybrid. For instance, it is only the V-6 that contains the hybrid model. In addition, you will have to go for the six cylinders if you require the manual gearbox.

Perfect engine

The Mercury Sedan has a four cylinder engine with a base of 2.5 liters. It is able to deliver a horsepower of 175. This transmission can be equated to that of a manual or automatic with six speeds.

2010 Silver Mercury Milan Front

The best fuel economy

It has the best range of fuel economy figures. This Mercury Milan acts as a champion for clear fuel economy. This is because it has a much better rating of 41 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.


This vehicle is notably a good performer on the road because it has one of the best handling for families with its four wheels and independent suspension.


It has adequate space for both legs and cargo. This makes it a spacious car that can carry both the passengers and a good weight of cargo.

Most of the good points about the 2010 Mercury Milan Sedan have been derived from the observations which have been made while it is on-road. With this purchase you have the highest guarantee of a high quality product. However, you can also get some of the best information by looking at a number of reviews to enable you make the best decision since they are available on the web and will assist you to obtain what you trust most.

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