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Acura Tl 2012 Car Review

Acura tl 2012 still uses the sporty low height sedan styles for the whole body performance. It is also combined with the cool interior design and unique leather shapes which are designed to hold body in comfortable sitting position.

Acura tl 2012 Features and Specifications

Designed as luxurious city car riding, acura tl 2012 is made in for medium speed performance for 280 hp with 3.5 Liter V6 VTEC engine.  As This power may not be as huge as sport sedan series, but it is enough for casual riding, family need, and also personal stylish ride. Even so, this car provides for 6 speed automatic handling with climate control options.

2012 Acura TL

2012 Acura TL Wheel

2012 Acura TL Engine

Acura Tl 2012 Price List Options

In Acura TL series, the price from one type to another is really different. For the basic 2012 TL the price starts from $35,705. If you want to buy for the TL SH AWD (all wheel drive), you have to prepare for than $39,255. For the 6 speed manual transmission SH AWD, the basic price is opened from $42,985 exclude tax and other costs for the car’s legalization. The price above can be higher if you choose to add special items in interior or exterior of your acura tl 2012.

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