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BMW i8 New Design

BMW i8 was first known as a concept and finally it built as a new sports car with advanced design and performance. The marketer for i8 published the new tagline for it with ‘The most progressive sports car’ from BMW that will be released soon in 2013. The perfect vehicle to leave the city and enjoy every life chances with the high quality ride.

The process of designing the new i8 is to be the new sports car as the icon of progress and sports combined into a new sedan. The new BMW i8 will combines the performance from energizing power to be the next sports car that still brings the icon of efficiency. The fuel consumption and the handling also become the main theme for the new i8.

The trend of the supports system with AWD system or the all wheel drive that supported by the plug-in hybrid is described as the new standard for German automaker’s market. The new BMW i8 came in some color variations including the green-themed “i” series. The sub brand is also ready for the market in 2014. You can also read Acura NSX 2013 in this site.

BMW i8

BMW i8 Concept

BMW i8 Hybrid

The features offered in the new i8 series will be the premium features that never showed before. The new transparent pane from glass will be the accents for the exterior and presenting the upward opening doors called Gullwing style doors on the new BMW i8.

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