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Buick Lacrosse A Luxury Sedan Car

Buick Lacrosse is accounted as one of the class luxury sedan vehicles on the road these days due to its various features. Some of the basic features of this automotive from Buick are discussed in brief here under to introduce you with a luxury vehicle with latest refinements and a combination of next-gen technology and entertainment facilities.


This car from Buick is known for its interior decor. The smoked chrome accents, ice-blue ambient lighting and warm wooden tones are some of the features of this vehicle that keep you mesmerized with its stylish looks. You can get a personalized driving experience due to its interior styling.

Sensational interior:

The powerful V6 engine, ash trims with real wood looks, bigger sized sunroof seating and armrests on the doors and console made of supple and soft leather are some of the features of the interior of this Buick vehicle that gives you a luxurious experience of a unique intensity. Convenient controls: The innovative control panel of this vehicle makes it easy for the drivers to navigate it only with the help of a few buttons. Information display for driver: Information and cluster on the 8 inch diagonal display for drivers make it easy to use them as per their requirements.

2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS Buick Cars Buick LaCrosse Buick LaCrosse Front


Some of the external features of LaCrosse, Buick’s new car, include its signature LED lighting headlamps, waterfall grille, sculptural look and wrapped LED tail lamps etc. Other familiarizing external features of this vehicle include:

New external design:

The uninterrupted flowing lines, jewel-like chrome accents and sculpted curves are some of the new additions in the latest LaCrosse from Buick. Front and back lamps: Newly articulated high density LED headlamps and wrap around tail amps with Galvano chrome accents provide a confident look to the exterior of this car.

Safety Features

Some of the advanced safety features provided to this Buick car keep you aware and alert of your ambiance like:

Lane Change Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert technologies used in this vehicle alerts you about the fast approaching vehicle coming from behind while changing lanes through its visual alerts. This car senses the senses the dangers from the vehicle running in front of you through its Forward Collision Alert technology, which alerts you through its visual as well as audio warnings.


You can experience the coexistence of luxury with performance in the LaCorsse from Buick through the eAssist technology used in its 2.4L engine. You can also opt for powerful variable valve timing by choosing 3.6L v6 engine in this all-wheel drive car.

2.4L standard eAssist engine:

This innovative engine runs on a combination of advanced lithium-ion battery and a compact electric motor which increases its fuel economy by 25% 3.6L V6 SIDI engine: This spark ignition direct injection system engine offers an impressive 264 torque at 5300 RPM along with 304 horsepower to give 28 MPG fuel consumption on highways.

Thus, this car from Buick is one of the latest class luxury sedan vehicles that are known for their exclusive features.

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