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Buick Verano 2013 Turbo Driven

Buick Verano is five passenger sedan car manufactured at Orion Assembly Plant of General Motors in Michigan with a number of features including front wheel drive design, front engine and four doors. It runs silently as its engine does not make much noise on road and is liked by the people as a luxury vehicle for this very feature. The turbo charged latest model of Buick has been introduced by the company with six speed manual transmission feature which makes it equivalent to sports sedan even though it is treated in its original soft form.

Buick Verano

2013 Version of Turbo Driven Buick Verano – At a Glance

1. Reviews of automotive journalists

Most of the automotive journalists had criticized the producers of latest version of Buick Verano about the manual transmission system provided in it as it is usually liked by a very small number of users these days. The younger generation had not ever learnt to drive a vehicle with manual controls. But if you ignore this drawback in the latest version then you can not find any other objectionable thing in this vehicle as its manufacturers had provided what they have promised to bring a all-wheel-drive diesel station wagon with manual control.

2. Reviews regarding powerful small engine

Besides manual stick-shift controls the Buick Verano is provided with more powerful but smaller engine than its previous versions. Manufacturers had increased its power turbo Buick Verano from 180 hp of its 2.4-liter engine to 250 hp of its 2.0 liter engine. The torque value of this version has also been increased to 260 lb/ft from 171 lb/ft which had increased it pickup time from 8.6 seconds to 6.2 seconds in standard conditions. Moreover the turbo charge quality has smoothed its throttle response while driving along with increasing its speed considerably which has made it one of the exciting vehicles besides its feature of silence. All these features compel its users to ignore its manual transmission system. By the way, the manual transmission system of this car is really swift and responsive. The driver will hardly miss the automatic transmission system.

3. Reviews on size of the vehicle

The buyers who buy vehicles considering the size of the engine may find some other problems while buying Buick Verano as an entry level luxury sedan car as it has small cramped cabin with prominent A-pillars and narrow windshield tightens its front compartment whereas space in its rear makes it comfortable. Its compact exterior can be rewarding for you if you have to park it daily in a narrow space. But this entry level luxury car fails in the fuel efficiency as most of the small cars focus on this point. The turbo version of Verano delivers only 21/32 mpg which may be equal to its standard version but much less than other cars of this level.

Thus even after small powerful engine and an appearance of strong sports sedan Buick Verano can be beaten easily by various other midsize cars available in the market. It can prove to be better vehicle in its present form if, instead of promoting it as strong sports sedan, it would have been promoted as a modest sedan for its users.

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