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2012 Suzuki Splash is the first new released Suzuki that begins in the Europe market with the new performance upgrade. The new design was first tested as a concept in the Japanese market as a great start for the new small automaker design. The new design is the result of the new design and the facelift to be the start of the 2012 market. The new standard from Suzuki is […]

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For Audi lovers, Audi S4 Avant must be one of the best cars whose specifications they can refer to. This Audi unit comes with four doors and it also offers a great design which involves a calm styling with a set of attractive-looking wheels. In addition to the design, a set of great machinery is also offered by this Audi unit. The machinery that is offered in Audi S4 Avant […]

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2013 Fiat Panda Trekking is able to be used for daily driving. When you intend to kick your stress by travelling in a remote area with challenging roads, this car is also supportive. It is because the car is designed as an off-roader.  If you want a car for city driving and for traveling by means of worse road grip, this car will be here and ready to be controlled. […]

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A Volkswagen unit that we may have to consider buying and driving today is probably 2012 Volkswagen Up. Coming as a subcompact model, this unit is really incredible since it wins a prestigious award that not any car can achieve in all of their lifespan. The award is very prestigious that the unit is called the year’s world car which means that it is an international-class award. This great achievement […]

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The new start of the 2013 BMW 3-Series Touring became the brightest edition that started the debut of BMW 3-Series. The debut with the Touring is a great start for the premium class of the sports segment that created new image for the BMW dynamic car market. The new focus is to begin the new market with the new aspect of practicality and versatility inside it. The new features renewed […]

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2012 Citroen numero 9 is the latest version of Citroen that will be released in Beijing Auto Show. The new concept of this car will hold the styling cues and DS line that creates the three kinds of models; SUV, executive saloon, and premium sedan. The sophisticated design is combined with the high-quality features that make the powerful performance. 2012 Citroen Numero 9’s Features When it comes to the features, […]

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Suzuki SX4 Base is one of the variants that have the new lines and the new dimension that now designed with more enticing compact looks for a new generation of sedan. The new style of the city car is a hatchback style that has many competitors that also recommend the hybrid engine. The new system of the engine inside the Suzuki SX4 Base is supported by the strong AWD system […]

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Peugeot 208 e-HDi car review discussed as a super mini car that becomes the main market brands that expanding vastly in British market. There are not many Peugeot brands’ that become a star on its variant and class. The special features came from the right-hand-drive form and on British roads that a great improvement of its market. The main feature presented is the 1.6-litre, 91bhp e-HDi as a popular choice […]

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Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI is the powerful hatchback due to the Superchips’ remap program. The program from Superchips makes this car has a few more horsepower in an affordable price. The program uses the last model in 2010. However, it offers 27 extra horsepower in this hatchback. Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI ’s Engine For the engine, superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI uses 1.4 liter direct injection with supercharged engine that delivers […]

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Impreza 2012 has already been introduced in some countries in Asia and also Europe this year. Subaru is one of Japan’s car brands that are crated under Fuji Heavy Industries that firstly introduced in 1993. Even this brand is not as famous as Toyota, Nisan, and Honda in western market, this brand dare to introduce the new Impreza Hatchback that adapts Europe car’s design character.  

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The new 2013 Volkswagen Polo BlueGT is one of Volkswagen cars that released this year to be the new gas-powered car is the new that introducing the new variant of the compact car for city ride. The new introduced features for the BlueGT that introduced for the 2012 Geneva auto show for the new market. The new features of the 2013 Volkswagen Polo BlueGT are one of the new power […]

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2013 Kia Ceed SW is the latest product from Kia which will be launched next year. This is the wagon version car which can be seen from the first debut at Geneva. If you feel so curious about this car, you may surely take a look at the new and wonderful model of this car from the new pictures of this car. Soon you will be surprised with the new […]

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