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2013 Subaru BRZ is the latest updated design for BRZ models with the promising feature for faster car with powerful engine. The trend of the two door coupe is a great choice for the 2012 and 2013 market as a clever choice for the big city cars with the sports features inside it. The debut of the new 2013 Subaru BRZ practically affected the auto industry to compete the ultimate […]

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One of the Mercedes-Benz cars that we have to consider buying in 2013 may be 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. This will come as a coupe and in a very stylish form. The stylish form itself will involve an elegance-emitting four-door design. The design itself will probably be dyed with silver color which makes the car look very modern. In addition, the design that will be applied to 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 […]

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Amongst the many hybrid cars we can find out there, 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid is probably one of the most excellent. The car is planned to be released in 2013 and it will come in the form of a sedan, and as a hybrid car, it offers various great features that are without doubt alluring for people. The first great features include its 1.3 L I4 engine that produces 85 […]

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Hybrid cars 2013 will flood market as the trend of using ecofriendly car is also rising. More and more people realize that ecofriendly car uses hybrid fuel technology is much safety and economical for city driving. On of most waited hybrid car for 2012 is Chevrolet Malibu. Not just having ecofriendly system, this car also is designed in luxurious high speed sedan. Hybrid cars 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Overview As the […]

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2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the latest model that now designed for the seven-passenger inside it. The new Toyota Highlander is the new variant that use the hybrid engine becomes the one of the first crossovers with electric engine options. The look and performance of the new Highlander is perfect for a suburban car. Since 2006, Toyota begins the research and also redesigns the basic elements for the Highlander’s hybrid […]

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You could always feel comfort when you choose to ride on 2012 Volkswagen Passat. This car will always look perfect for you and your family. With sedan look, this car will always look perfect for you and your family. This car will always feel suitable for middle size car. This car brings redesign design that will always make you look stylish. For your 2012 Volkswagen Passat you will have roomy […]

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2013 hybrid cars are now also available for the extra luxurious car with fabulous speed just like a supercar. One of best car manufactures that design for luxurious hybrid is BMW. This year, BMW declares that they will publish the new BMW 7 in specs of luxurious high speed hybrid car. This car will have best performance both in the design and also engine performance. 2013 hybrid cars BMW 7 […]

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2013 Nisan GTR is now available as of top recommended supercar that most waited not only in Asia but also in America. Different with US and Europe sport car, in 2013 Nissan GTR likes to perform more the design of Japanese style sport car with bigger front side and big front bumper cars. 2013 Nisan GTR Specifications As super speed car with sporty touring car looks, this 2013 Nisan GTR […]

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The new 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car 3rd Gen is now available four selections namely Prius Two, Prius Three, Prius Four, and Prius Five. All of them use same engine, almost same specifications, and system. What make it different usually are the facilities, extra optional features, or the wheel size. But the various types give you a lot of price selection lists you can choose. 2012 Toyota Prius Car Design […]

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2014 Infiniti M Hybrid is the new definition of the better power, latest efficiency and the luxury that blend in one vehicle. The base price for the M Hybrid is at $53,700 for the options of the engine you want. Since the debut in the beginning of 2012, the first model of Infiniti M35 Hybrid becomes the car that gathers more popularity than other variants including sedan and coupe model. […]

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Fuel efficient cars 2013 best pick up goes to Ford Focus. The latest series of Ford Focus 2013 will come during the autumn or winter season of 2012. This car is really practical. Not just designed in hybrid economical technology for more energy savings, this car is also has a small size with ergonomic body lines for practical city driving. Fuel efficient cars 2013 the Ford Focus Spec The all […]

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2013 Mazda 6 became a hot debut for Mazda since the swinging hot Mazda 3. The competitor is the Prius that presenting a new hybrid tech for fuel efficiency. The other big hit from Toyota is to offer the new buyers with internal combustion engine with the new fuel management. The new elements included the new chassis elements and the body trims for the new 2013 Mazda 6.  After the […]

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