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2013 Lexus Gs is the new GS that planned to be standout model for Lexus in US and other countries. The first launch is on October 2011 that becomes the first luxury sedan that produced up to 3346 units for wide world market. The competitor came from German with the main brand Audi A6. The other competitor is the BMW 5 Series with the ability that match to the new […]

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People who wish to buy their own luxury sedan can just go and purchase 2013 Lincoln MKZ. They have to wait for 2013 to come, though. However, before purchasing the car, it is better to know what kind of car it is beforehand. As stated earlier, this car is a luxury sedan which means that the car is quite luxurious. The luxury of the car involves its luxurious body design […]

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BMW i8 was first known as a concept and finally it built as a new sports car with advanced design and performance. The marketer for i8 published the new tagline for it with ‘The most progressive sports car’ from BMW that will be released soon in 2013. The perfect vehicle to leave the city and enjoy every life chances with the high quality ride. The process of designing the new […]

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Hybrid cars 2013 will flood market as the trend of using ecofriendly car is also rising. More and more people realize that ecofriendly car uses hybrid fuel technology is much safety and economical for city driving. On of most waited hybrid car for 2012 is Chevrolet Malibu. Not just having ecofriendly system, this car also is designed in luxurious high speed sedan. Hybrid cars 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Overview As the […]

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2013 hybrid cars are now also available for the extra luxurious car with fabulous speed just like a supercar. One of best car manufactures that design for luxurious hybrid is BMW. This year, BMW declares that they will publish the new BMW 7 in specs of luxurious high speed hybrid car. This car will have best performance both in the design and also engine performance. 2013 hybrid cars BMW 7 […]

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Acura tl 2012 still uses the sporty low height sedan styles for the whole body performance. It is also combined with the cool interior design and unique leather shapes which are designed to hold body in comfortable sitting position. Acura tl 2012 Features and Specifications Designed as luxurious city car riding, acura tl 2012 is made in for medium speed performance for 280 hp with 3.5 Liter V6 VTEC engine. […]

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2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 has no doubt to be a sexy sport car that most men in world dream to have. Designed with sport cars body, low roof, coupe car designs, and two passenger seats, this British car is recommended to have. This sport sedan car uses big grill and also a pair of catchy round headlights. 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 Car Specification Is it really worth to […]

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2013 Tesla Model Sis a new car which has been produced by Tesla. The design of this car is a sedan design. As the new product of Tesla, this car offers a very good design with an electric system. This car has a glossy painting on its body. It makes this has a luxurious impression at the first sight. It is right because this car also can give us more […]

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In the discussion of the future car that may hold the title of the fastest Ferrari, 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider can be one of the cars that may hold the title. Built as the continuity of the previous model that has been considered as the most powerful Ferrari, the F12 Berlinetta, this car will surely rule the roads with its high speed. Talking about design, 2014 Ferrari F12 Spider itself […]

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2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom is a new car product from Rolls Royce. This car was designed in a luxurious model. This car design will make us feel more prestigious when we drive that car. This car design is very suitable for us who love an elegant view and a luxurious car. On the outside view, we can see that there is a black colored body painting of the surface of this […]

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