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2013 Fiat Panda Trekking is able to be used for daily driving. When you intend to kick your stress by travelling in a remote area with challenging roads, this car is also supportive. It is because the car is designed as an off-roader.  If you want a car for city driving and for traveling by means of worse road grip, this car will be here and ready to be controlled. […]

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Fiat 500 interior design, like many other city cars, keeps leathers and bright colors for seats and dashboard. The concept is likely more balanced as to a retro style city car has something bold to show as doors are opened. Some ivory colors of the steering wheel combined gold accents to dark leather seem to be elegant in casual ways. Since this car is comparable with BMW Mini and Volkswagen […]

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2012 Fiat Croma has a good touch in rims. While rim new styles like 4-star wheel spokes and chrome colors fiber and aluminum, the Italian facelift has found its dignity on the road. Although it is not a brand new thing to put 16-inches or bigger rims on a facelift city car, the step Fiat has taken to this Croma. The big tires look to balance the long body and […]

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