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Sport utility vehicles or also known as SUV car is now becomes one of best picked up car types. Not just casual and sporty, SUV also looks cool and strong which imagining the power of youth. Plus, it has spacious cabin for passengers and it is able to load more than five people that makes this car really functional for big personal transportation ride. Sport Utility Vehicles KIA Sportage Overview […]

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2013 Kia Ceed SW is the latest product from Kia which will be launched next year. This is the wagon version car which can be seen from the first debut at Geneva. If you feel so curious about this car, you may surely take a look at the new and wonderful model of this car from the new pictures of this car. Soon you will be surprised with the new […]

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2013 KIA Ceed is the hatchback with 5 doors as the exterior. As the new generation of hatchback, this car can be considered as the revised version of its predecessor that will offer the greater performance. This car was firstly released in Geneva Motor Show. When you see this hatchback, you can see that this version is actually larger, wider yet lower than its older version.

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