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Charger Srt8 Super Bee 2012

Charger srt8 definitely reminds you to Transformer iconic character Bumble Bee. Yap, it is all about yellow stylish sport car with incredible performance. The name of the car is Dodge Charger SRT 8 Supper Bee that designed in eye catching bee paint of yellow and black lines. But, could this car can be as cool as Bubble Bee?

Charger srt8 Your Modern Muscle Car

There is no doubt that this Charger srt8 Supper Bee is considered as the new brand face of American muscle car. It is presented through its design and also machine performance. The new 2012 Super Bee is available for 6.4 L Hemi V8 engines that produce for 470p and 470 lb ft torque. You can get five automatic transmissions with comfortable driving on city road even if you drive for muscle racing car type.

Charger Srt8

Charger Srt8 Interior

Charger Srt8 Rear

Charger srt8 Your Modern Muscle Car

Bring the theme of muscle Bumble Bee, this car will be all about yellow. You can get black stripes on the side and unique graphics on the hood. The interior will also about black, silver, and yellow. Besides the Super Bee which has five auto speed automatic transmissions, you can also get other Bumble Cars with six speed manual transmission in the Yellow Jacket series Charger srt8.

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