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Dodge Dart SRT for Excellence Seekers

Those seeking for excellence might just stop upon finding Dodge Dart SRT. It’s a great car that will mark Dodge’s excellence as one of the world’s best car producers today. The car itself will possibly come with various new concepts since we always know that newer products always bring newer things with them.

In this case, Dodge Dart SRT will probably uses AWD drivetrain instead of the FWD one. This is because AWD can be better in some aspects since all four wheels are basically rotating when the car runs. This drivetrain has been applied in many cars and in addition to the transmission a great engine might also be installed to the car.

The great engine itself might come as a 2.4 L engine that produces 285 horse powers. These tremendous powers will allow Dodge Dart SRT to have an excellent performance in both speed and power since 285 is considered quite high in the automotive field. You can also read Range Rover Evoque 2012 in this site.

Dodge Dart SRT

Dodge Dart SRT Specs

Dodge Dart SRT 2013

Aside from employing a great engine that produces tremendous horse powers might come with a dual-clutch type of transmission as well since this transmission is considerably modern and many have preferred to use it. Apart from all, Dodge Dart SRT is certainly one of the Dodge cars to long for in our life.

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