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HSV GTS – An Australian Automotive First

With the HSV GTS Australia has finally designed their own unique, and industry dominating, sport sedan. The HSV GTS is part of a new generation of Australian automobiles. The 6.2-litre supercharged V* engine resembles the classic Chevrolet Camaro. 430kW of power are surging through the veins of this beast and puts it years ahead of any other machine that has ever been produced in the country. The only thing that is going to come close to this in Australia is the Mercedes E63, which will still fall short for Austrailian auto enthusiasts.


The HSV GTS is boasting 575 horsepower and, while there are no official performance times as of yet, it is expected to match anything put out by the Ford Falcon GT. The problem with this performance might be the electronically controlled top speed of km/h, which happens to be the General Motors guideline. This will still let you feel exhilarating speeds without a doubt, however.


Controlling This Powerful Automobile

To control that speed something unique for Australia had to happen. Inspired by Porsche, the car has electronic torque vectoring that lets you accelerate out of corners like never before. The stability system that lies inside also has five settings, rather than the usual three, that adjust suspension and steering with only the push of a single button. The shock absorbers saw similar foreign made resembling adjustments. When you have the amount of power contained here, these are all welcome additions to the experience. Lastly, controlling the transmission will be your choice of either automatic or manual 6-speed, either of which will let you get the most out of the HSV GTS.

The Stylish Interior Of The HSV GTS

As for the interior, HSV cars come standard with dual-zone climate control, driver preference presets, parking sensors, keyless entry, and push-button start, but something special is added to the HSV GTS. All of the Senator Signature options are here and on full display. The heated leather seats fit nicely to keep you comfortable while you listen to the Bose audio system. The heads-up display is also going to keep you aware of your car’s performance with speed, lateral G, and navigation instructions all right on your windshield. Not to mention the luxury of having rain-sensing windshield wipers! This isn’t quite the high tech dash of many European models, but it has it where it counts.

Affordable, Yet Powerful

Customers will pay a heavy price for the HSV GTS, though. Checking in at $95,000 it is lower than past HSV cars, but is still a hefty price. Once options are selected and it is up to the customer’s standard it will more than likely be just above the $100,000 mark. Keep in mind that this is still less than half the price for a European made car that has these same specifications and features.

The HSV GTS Verdict

Overall, though, the price is a value. Customers could purchase a car based on brand names from a European country, but what are they getting for it? The HSV GTS allows you to have the power and performance that any expensive sportscar will give you, but in an affordable, 4-door package that means you don’t have to make any sacrifices. With the HSV GTS, Australian performance has finally arrived.

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Written by Hasan Abbas

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