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KTM X Bow GT Car Review

The X BOW GT is a culmination of modifications to the high-tech X-BOW R to produce a sophisticated dynamic four-wheeled sports car that is efficient drive. With this car, you do not require a helmet to comfortably drive above certain speeds. This has been made possible with the provision of a thick frameless wraparound windscreen complete a wash wipe system. There is an optional removable soft top stored in the cabin that can be electronically deployed when driving at speeds over 80 mph.

Exterior Design

The KTM is a sports car with a unique body design that features a number of elements meant to improve its functionality. Precisely constructed edges along the body surface help create a streamlined interface for cutting through the air easily while driving at high speeds. The fitted grill-like ventilation slits are well-coordinated with the rear body diffuser hence making the vehicle faster and powerful. Compared to its predecessor, the whole front end of this vehicle has been restructured and new elements such as the side windows and the windscreen added. Aerodynamics have also been totally upgraded to generate more down force and less drag to the delight of speed lovers.

KTM X BOW GT Car Side View KTM X bow GT Front View KTM X Bow GT Rear View KTM X bow GT Steering Wheel KTM X bow GT Supsension

Interior Design

Side Windows and doors of the KTM X-BOW GT are fitted with gas-charged shock absorbers to open and close smoothly. The front screen is made of laminated safety glass that can be heated quickly when there is a need to counter defrosting. It’s extremely comfortable leather seats are fitted with a four-point racing-belt from Schroth for extra safety. There are also a wind deflector and sun visors that ensure you get the right amount of sun and air stream as well as shield out dust.

Technical Details

This new KTM X-BOW GT features a more revamped version of the Audi-sourced 2-liter turbo charged engine used in the previous model, the X-BOW R. Although there is a slight reduction in the brake horsepower from 296 bhp to 281 bhp, the designers ensured that it was effectively compensated with a mildly pumped-up torque to improve the driving experience. 0-60 mph can now be achieved in approximately four seconds while 0-100 can be attained comfortably under 10 seconds. It has a Brembo braking system featuring a four-piston fixed caliper brake on its front axle while its suspension springs and dampers were manufactured by WP Suspension.

KTM X Bow GT Upper View


The turbo-charged engine with cushioned throttle response in addition to an improved linear power delivery makes acceleration a very smooth ideal. Navigation through the bends at high speeds is also possible thanks to the power assisted steering. When at full throttle the engine’s raging sound can be heard thanks to the sports exhaust and with it a transitional shift of power from better to exceptional. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to experience more turbulence in a Mercedes SL or Porsche 911 Cabriolet than you would in the X-Bow GT from KTM.


It would take cost you $94,323 to lay your hands on this powerfully crafted masterpiece car. In the United Kingdom, it goes for about €72,500 which is not an exaggerated price for a high performance car like the X Bow GT.

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