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Mercedes Coupe C63 AMG 2013

Mercedes coupe for 2013 is available in the series of C63 AMG. This car has been tested in Germany Formula 1 2012. There is no doubt that this car is designed with fresh younger looks compared to most Mercedes series which is much formal. Even if it is a sporty sedan, Mercedes still uphold the elegance through grill, head lights, tail lights, and all technology used in machine and body.

Mercedes Coupe AMG for Improved Interior Elegance

If you go inside this 2013 mercedes coupe AMG you will discover a lot of high quality leather for the wheels, seat, floor, and also for the cabin’s wall. While for the paddles, you will get aluminum based and you can get high technology navigation screen. For sporty looks, the seat will be made in two tones, for example combination of black and red, black and white, and black and brown.

Mercedes Coupe

Mercedes Coupe Engine

Mercedes Coupe Steering

Mercedes Coupe in Ride

Mercedes coupe AMG 2013 for Bigger Engine

This car is completed for four driving mode includes the Race Start mode that enables you for standard racing speed. This car has bigger engine with V8 turbo machine 6.3 liter capacity that results for 510hp in total. For extra sport elegance, you can also enjoy options for automatic sunroof in this 2013 AMG mercedes coupe.

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