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The Morgan Aero 8: Raising The Bar

Every designer’s dream is to carve a mark for themselves in the global space by realizing a dream that would blow the world off its feet. It is also beyond obvious that every drivers dream is to experience such a creation at a time when art and technology are unparalleled.

The Morgan Aero 8 is not just a car, but an animal built for people who love to surprise. Imagine appearing on a 100 meter sprint race looking like a cultured 40 year old man with a buttoned up suit for; then shocking the audience when you fly past all the young studs. This beast of a machine has been likened to nothing short of driving a classic piece of refined art really fast.

Morgan Aero 8

Released in 2000 at the Geneva Auto show it is the first design since 1948 from the Morgan motor company. Known to be the most experienced British auto maker since its famous 3wheel era, newbie and loyal fans alike are thus assured of getting nothing but the best. It is almost as if the company was waiting for 50 years to make the perfect move with the perfect piece.

Design of the Morgan Aero 8

When it was launched the sports car got an impressive nod from the media and the 2007 facelift by replacing the VW beetle lights with minis finally put to rest the noise from critics. The Aero 8 has been termed as a feather weight sports car thanks to its impressive utilization of aluminum for its chassis and alloy body panels. It impressively weighs in at only 2476 pounds with a full tank. The aluminum chassis has also been stiffened to give the masterpiece a superb handling with a suspension that is all-independent.

The beautifully crafted and noticeable side exit pipes give the car an incredible accelerating noise that would tempt the driver not to listen to anything else. The noise actually makes you the envy of every car owner.

The Malvern Link England based Company which was famous for its wooden chassis made a leap with its choice of Aluminum chassis and engine to give its loyal fans the best this century has to offer.

Performance of the car

Laced with BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 engine it produces 286 horsepower, which is a significant break-away from the 3.5-liter Rover V8. At 5400 RPM the engine clocks a remarkable 282 horsepower pushing the Morgan to hit 60 mph in 5 seconds. With a six-speed manual transmission ZF gearbox, a perfectly placed shift lever and a slick clutch; take up to 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds is not a dream.

With a 6 month waiting list this handmade sports car is one you rarely see on the streets as you drive. The most intricate detail about it is that during its launch it coasted far less than the Porsche 911; a fete most Auto makers have not been able to achieve. Making a rare, powerful piece of art at a reasonable price is a factor many in the world are not familiar with hence all the more reason you need to get your hands on this beauty if you can.

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Written by Hasan Abbas

My name is Hasan Abbas. I love to take risks when writing ever since I heard the old proverb “Take risks because if you win you will be happy and if you lose, you will be wise. Please comment so I can find out how wise I have become.

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