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Renault Espace 2013 with Updated Designs

Renault Espace 2013 has main changes in the looks and style. The drastically new styling features include the latest design with the dynamic stance of the new body dimension. The other specific change is inside the interior with more space for passengers and the more comfortable seats and space.

The advanced style also brings its enhancing looks with the Hurlingham wheel trims and the new alloy wheels make it looks bold and strong at the same time. The other improvements are in the dashboard and it has a great designed panel for six-speed manual gearbox for the new Renault Espace 2013.

The configuration of the new engine includes the 130hp, 150hp and 175hp versions of the 2.0 DCI engine (M9R) with stronger power. It has a good point in the exhaust with only 150g of CO2/km as a better eco friendly engine. The new Renault Espace 2013 has great fuel consumption that reach 5.7 liters/100km better than the older models. You can also read Bugatti Veyron 16 4 Grand Sport Vitesse 2013 in this site.

Renault Espace 2013

Renault Espace 2013 Review

Renault Espace 2013 Interrior

The improvements of the interior including the cabin layout with the combination of the seat rails that practically enables the seats to be positioned exactly to be more functional.  The improvement in the interior is a huge guarantee for the next level in driving with Renault Espace 2013.

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