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Scion FRS as an Exotic Scion Car

Talking about the range of Scion cars, Scion FRS is essentially one of the models people want to drive in the most. The car uses 2.0 L boxer engine to run. The engine can produce 200 horse powers at 700 rpm and 152 lb-ft torque at 6600 rpm which offer a quite great power to drivers.

The boxer engine itself comes with 6 speeds transmission. However, the 6 speeds transmission installed in Scion FRS is available in two options, manual and automatic. The manual and automatic transmission is available in different prices and since the automatic one is more expensive, it is equipped with a more advanced set of features.

The features that come with the automatic 6 speeds transmission include the paddle shifters, as well as a technology of Dynamic Rev Management. In addition to the transmission, Scion FRS also uses Macpherson strut front suspension and a double wishbone suspension in the rear. You can also read New Acura NSX in this site.

Scion FRS

Scion FRS Wallpaper


To support the car’s excellence, alloy wheels are also installed and ventilated type of disc brakes are also included in the features. The car itself uses an RWD drivetrain and these wheels and disc brakes sure play an important role in drives. In summary, that Scion FRS is a great car is absolutely true.

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