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Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI Improves Performance

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI is the powerful hatchback due to the Superchips’ remap program. The program from Superchips makes this car has a few more horsepower in an affordable price. The program uses the last model in 2010. However, it offers 27 extra horsepower in this hatchback.

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI ’s Engine

For the engine, superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI uses 1.4 liter direct injection with supercharged engine that delivers 204 horsepower and torque 185 lb-ft. It actually shows the increasing of this car from its predecessor. When it comes to the power, this car managed to increase 27 horsepower from the last version. And for the torque, this car also managed to increase 35Nm from its predecessor. The good thing about that is, you can get those improvements in such inexpensive price.

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI specs

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI reviews

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI 2012

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI Silver

Superchips Volkswagen Polo GTI’s Price

Speaking of the price, this car will come at £455. It is included of 20% VAT. It is not only that, but this car also gets the full guarantee of customer service plus the industry-leading for one year. It also gets warranty of full vehicle with 30,000 supplementary. That can be gotten in 80 centers of superchips in all over UK. From that, you can be sure that it will be awesome to have superchips Volkswagen polo GTI

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