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World Fastest Car Runs in a Super Speed

If you want to know what world fastest car is the simplest definition would be a car that runs in a super speed. This is definitely true. The fastest car in the world runs in 268 mph speed, a very high speed that it can be considered super. As for the name, it is Bugatti Veryon Super Sport for you.

This car is stated as world fastest car after breaking the record that has been recorded in the Guinness book. The record is for 268 mph or 431 km per hour. It is without doubt an incredibly high speed just as it is. In gaining the title, this car beat SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s speed in 226 mph.

The speed that has earned the car the title of world fastest car is thanks to the 16 cylinder engine that has been installed to the car. With the engine, the car can produce 1200 horse power, along with 1106 lo-fi torque that makes up the speed that allows the car to be the fastest in the world. You can also read Pagani Zonda F in this site.

World Fastest Car

World Fastest Car In the World

World Fastest Car Ever

World Fastest Car Buggaty Veyron 16.4

World Fastest Car 2012

Bugatti Veryon Super Sport is without doubt the fastest in the world. However, the speed of this kind of car that is produced for public is limited to up to 258 mph in order to protect the car’s tires. Bugatti has surely done great in creating world fastest car.

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